If your staff know Windows Explorer… they’ll already be familiar with the heart of PowerBudget: the tree view.

PowerBudget is a multifunctional, highly visual budgeting, modelling, analysis and reporting tool providing real time, instant information to all managers, not just financial decision-makers


PowerBudget Features

  • Interconnectivity

    Connects live to your database (in most cases) or via data warehouse to General Ledger, Payroll/HR, Sales, Assets, Property, Clinicals etc.

  • Timely & Online

    Interacts live with your database ensuring data integrity and timely information.

  • Easy Navigation

    As simple as a mouse click! Staff can use their existing MS Windows skills to navigate the tree view.

  • Flexible Data Display

    Enquiry results can be displayed as text in the Data Browser window, graphically in the Chart window, or as a dynamic meter view in the Digital Dashboard window.

  • Multiple Data Views

    View your data from multiple databases…browse financial and non-financial data concurrently.

  • Focused & Conditional Analysis

    The filter tree allows you to slice & dice your data and focus on a particular department, cost centre or line item.

  • Configure & Pinpoint Data

    In the Data Browser you can drill down to any layer in your data set with a mouse click. Data can be directly exported to MS Excel, reproducing formats, colours & formula.

Our Support System

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  • Helpdesk

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  • Upgrades

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